10 Reasons to Create a Small-Scale Trail Course on Your Horse Property

Short trail paths created with natural objects and plantings. Photo by Alayne Blickle

Trail courses are fun for horses and riders and can be beneficial for the natural environment. Landscaping a trail course with native plants can provide food and habitat for native insects and wildlife. Add in old logs and brush and rock piles, and you have the perfect habitat for other …

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National Conference: Of Horse, Human and Nature, September 9-11, 2021 in Dillon, Montana

The Montana Center for Horsemanship, in partnership with University of Montana, Western, is hosting the first national Natural Horsemanship Conference, Of Horse, Human, and Nature, focused on natural horsemanship education in the 21st century September 9–11 in Dillon, Montana. This conference will bring to Montana leading names, speakers, presenters, and experts …

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The Wild Beauty Foundation – Filmmakers Use Passion to Protect Wild Horses

Ghost with Black Beauty star and WBF Ambassador Mackenzie Foy (left) and filmmaker and WBF Founder and President Ashley Avis (right).

Article by Wild Beauty Foundation Staff  In 2018, Los Angeles based writer and director Ashley Avis was tasked with creating the modern-day reimagining of Black Beauty for the silver screen. The film, which would later be acquired by Disney, would change the course of her life forever. An equestrian since …

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Biosecurity in Horse Barns – An Ounce of Prevention

Copywrite by Francesco Bucchi

In today’s world, biosecurity measures have become increasingly common in our day-to-day lives. Still, veterinarians frequently see outbreaks of infectious diseases in horse stables across the United States. These outbreaks can have detrimental effects on horse health, trigger long lasting movement restrictions, and cause deep financial hardships for owners and …

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Why Should I Learn to Read a Map? 6 Reasons this Skill is Important for Trail Riders

Photo by Robert Eversole

From cave paintings to ancient manuscripts to all the 21st century options, people have created and used maps as essential tools to explain and navigate their way through the world. With their longitudes, latitudes, and myriad lines crisscrossing miles of ground encompassing mountains, valleys, and more, maps have guided the …

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Move those Hips! How to Train the Turn-on-the-Forehand

The turn-on-the-forehand mobilizes the hips, supples the muscles of the horse’s back, hind legs, and haunches, and teaches the horse to yield to the inside leg. Photo by Kim Roe

One of the most basic lateral movements, the turn-on-the-forehand, maneuvers the horse’s hips around his forehand. This exercise teaches the horse to move away from the pressure of the rider’s leg, aids in control, and makes the horse more agile and supple. The mobilization of the hips and the consequential …

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CHA Region One Awards – Lisa Tremain Earns Instructor of the Year

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) promotes excellence in safety and education by certifying riding instructors, accrediting equine facilities, producing educational conferences, and publishing educational resources, go to www.CHA.Horse for more information. Each year we recognize an instructor and a school horse who have been nominated by the staff and students that …

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