Suzanne Huizenga – Mentoring and Training Youth Riders, Young Professionals, and Serious Amateurs

Photo by Totem Photography

Suzanne (Suzy) Huizenga is a sought-after and much-admired trainer located in Whatcom County, Washington, where she has been training students and horses for over 40 years. She specializes in bringing students and horses along calmly and happily from trot poles to jumping courses in the hunter/jumper rings. Suzy has developed …

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Training Transitions – This Vital Exercise Should be Part of Every Training Session

Extended trot results from many transitions from working trot to a extended and back again.

As a young and serious rider my teacher would often tell me, “You need to work on your transitions more.” I’d do as I was told, but I never really understood why. I didn’t find them easy or fun, and neither did my horse. Now I’m wearing the instructor’s hat, …

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Carol Lynn McArdle Classical Dressage Instruction – Teaching Riders to Help Their Horses Be All They Can Be

Photo by Carolynn Bunch Photography

Carol Lynn McArdle is a much-loved trainer and clinician in the Pacific Northwest. She regularly travels from her Whidbey Island farm to teach clinics throughout Washington and Oregon (and beyond). She’s known as an instructor who preserves the cheerfulness and positivity in both her equine and human students and helps …

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Four Keys to a Successful Clinic Experience – How to Get the Most Out of a Group Learning Environment

Photo courtesy of Allison Trimble Paparoa

Early in my career, hungry for knowledge, I attended many clinics both as a participant and an auditor. Some of my favorites were with Bob Avila and Todd Bergen and I owe a lot of my success to those very experiences. Over my professional career I also gave many clinics, …

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Max Young Teaches Horses Trust – Trainer and Breeder Specializes in All-around Tennessee Walking Horses

Young’s Ranch was founded in 2006 after they got their first Tennessee Walking Horse. After their children successfully showed their horses, Young’s Ranch transitioned from the show ring to focus on all-around riding mounts. For the last 10+ years, they’ve been buying and breeding top quality all-around gaited trail horses. …

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