Horse Problems

Horseman Clinton Anderson explains From Colt Starting to Well-Trained Horse

Symptoms Of A Cause By Clinton Anderson   The majority of horse “problems” aren’t really problems at all; they are really just symptoms of a cause. Ninety-five percent of all the problems you will ever have to deal with as a horse owner will fix themselves if you do the groundwork …

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Bring Back the Fun!


How To Keep Riding Challenging and Still Have Fun   by Mark Bolender “Am I doing this right?” is a phrase I hear often from students. It’s very natural (and important) to learn proper riding technique, but many people get bogged down by details and they forget the reason they …

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Learn to Listen 

Communication Is A Key To Unlock Success   by Mark Bolender Learning to listen is anything but easy. It is a science and a gift from God. With effort, we can all learn to be good listeners. If one learns to listen to his horse, the response given by the …

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Mastering Extreme Trail

Unity and Leadership Are The Keys   by Mark Bolender Watching a great trail horse pick its way through difficult obstacles is wondrous and beautiful. It looks so natural and graceful that it seems anyone can do it. This, anyway, is the image a great rider and horse try to …

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