Rutgers University Advises Helmet, Vest Replacements

Rutgers University

Recently Rutgers University addressed riding safety and traumatic brain injuries, and the need to replace helmets and vests more often than most riders think. According to the Equine Science Center at Rutgers University (, riding is considered one of the most dangerous sports in the United States because injuries are …

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Product Highlight – Equine ID Collar – Single Sleeve

The Equine ID Collar – Single sleeve was primarily designed to be used for identification purposes during most emergency and evacuation events. Our Horse Identification Single Sleeve collar was primarily designed with emergencies and evacuation in mind, something that no boarding facility or large equestrian facility should be without. These …

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Why Should I Learn to Read a Map? 6 Reasons this Skill is Important for Trail Riders

Photo by Robert Eversole

From cave paintings to ancient manuscripts to all the 21st century options, people have created and used maps as essential tools to explain and navigate their way through the world. With their longitudes, latitudes, and myriad lines crisscrossing miles of ground encompassing mountains, valleys, and more, maps have guided the …

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Old Bits: Horses 101, Balanced Saddling

by Darleen Finnigan To become a “balanced rider,” you must be able to saddle your horse in a balanced manner. Because you are a beginner, we will start with saddling Western. All principles of balanced riding should be applied to English saddling. Your horse is well groomed (last month’s article). …

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Safety and aging

5 things to make the transition to our senior years easier It’s really hard for me to admit that I am not as quick or fit as I once was. I can’t get out of the way or respond like I could in my 20’s. It really snuck up on …

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