Old Bits: Horses 101, Balanced Saddling

by Darleen Finnigan To become a “balanced rider,” you must be able to saddle your horse in a balanced manner. Because you are a beginner, we will start with saddling Western. All principles of balanced riding should be applied to English saddling. Your horse is well groomed (last month’s article). …

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Safety and aging

5 things to make the transition to our senior years easier It’s really hard for me to admit that I am not as quick or fit as I once was. I can’t get out of the way or respond like I could in my 20’s. It really snuck up on …

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The COVID-19 Dilemma

Information from a Veterinarian for Horse and Pet Owners COVID-19 is a term that has rapidly acquired worldwide recognition.  The seriousness of this highly contagious disease is inescapable.  The situation and information regarding COVID-19 is fast changing.  Below is recently collated information from three veterinary sources:  the American Association of …

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