Keep Your Confined Horses Happier

Locate your confinement area so your horse will have interaction and stimulus from the world around them. Photo by Kim Roe

Winter can be a challenging time for riders and our horses. Shorter days with inclement weather can make finding time to ride a challenge. Horses confined in paddocks or dry lots during winter still need something to do. Increasing turnout time, allowing social interactions between horses, and providing sufficient forage …

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Have a Question? Ask The Experts!

Send us your question and we’ll select the best expert for you. NW Horse SourceThe Northwest Horse Source is an independently owned and operated print and online magazine for horse owners and enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines in the Pacific Northwest. Our contemporary editorial columns are predominantly written by experts …

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A Horse of Another Color: Green ~ Part 5

Choosing a Power Source by Mark Dangelo   In this fifth installment of building a “green” equestrian facility we talk about the design, management and usage of something near and dear to every horse caregiver—electrons. Yeah, electrons! If you are familiar with the comic strip Fergus the Horse by Jean …

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A Horse of Another Color: Green ~ Part 3

How to Work with Nature for Proper Barn Ventilation by Mark P. Dangelo   Working in harmony with nature and unique geographic surroundings is a cornerstone of sustainable designs, especially when it comes to agricultural solutions. It’s also easier and economically beneficial.  Proper ventilation usually falls behind other horse care …

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A Horse of Another Color: Green ~ Part 2

Part 2: Making a Plan and Defining Green, Sustainable and Innovative by Mark P. Dangelo   “Sustainability” has become so common a word now that it holds varied meanings depending upon the audience.  It is used often with the word “innovation,” another common term used when businesses seek to differentiate …

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