The Haygain Forager Harnesses Nature’s Methods

Horses in their natural habitat spend most of the day with their heads lowered, grazing forage that ranges from easy-to-get grasses to blades and stems that are hard to extract and often contain little caloric energy. It’s a way of life that leads to virtually zero colic, ulcers, excess weight or metabolic imbalances. …

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Water-Wise Tips for Horse Owners – Do Your Part to Save Water on the Farm and Beyond

Using native drought-tolerant plants in your landscaping limits your need to use water. Photo from Alayne Blickle

If you live out West and manage horses on your property, you are undoubtedly pondering ways to reduce and conserve water. Many western states are suffering from prolonged drought conditions; some areas are even experiencing drinking water issues. With climate change looming, we each need to do what we can …

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Biosecurity in Horse Barns – An Ounce of Prevention

Copywrite by Francesco Bucchi

In today’s world, biosecurity measures have become increasingly common in our day-to-day lives. Still, veterinarians frequently see outbreaks of infectious diseases in horse stables across the United States. These outbreaks can have detrimental effects on horse health, trigger long lasting movement restrictions, and cause deep financial hardships for owners and …

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Here Comes the Sun – It’s Not Good for Everyone

A well-ventilated run-in shed keeps horses comfortable on the hottest of days. Photo by Kim Roe

The bountiful benefits of the sun’s rays bring joy to the hearts of horses and humans, especially for the winter-weary residents of colder climes. But the sun is not good for everyone. Staying sheltered from the heat and burning beams can be especially important for creatures great and small, especially …

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White Construction Services, Inc – Building Premier Equestrian Facilities from the Ground Up

Photo by Justin White

Close your eyes. Now imagine the perfect equine facility: there’s a beautiful barn, an indoor arena, and a huge outdoor arena with perfect footing. Every detail has been attended to—including fences, driveways, bridle paths, and landscaping. What you’re imagining is the kind of facility Justin White of White Construction Services, …

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Sell it Fast! – Ensure Your Horse Property Will Fly Off the Market

Photo by Allison Trimble

It’s no secret that the real estate market has been quite active lately. Low inventory and low interest rates continue to make for an extremely competitive market, and many homeowners are reevaluating their living situation because of the pandemic. If you are thinking about selling an equestrian property this year, …

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