Nehalem Bay State Park

September 2017

Camp with Horses and Ride this Oregon Beach by Kim Roe   Is it on your bucket list to gallop your horse across a beautiful sandy beach and play in the ocean waves? Do you love camping and want to bring your horse along on your vacation? On Oregon’s north …

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Big-Name Clinicians

August 2017

Why Go? by Aliena Hook   Whether you are just starting out in the equestrian world or have ridden all your life, most of us recognize big-name trainers like Clinton Anderson, John Lyons, and Pat Parelli. These trainers and clinicians have developed their own system for many years and travel …

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Mounted Archery

June 2017

A Sport of Trust, Strength and Luck by Aliena Hook   Mounted archery is an ancient tactic, traditionally used for hunting and war. It is coming back into popularity as a fast-paced international equestrian discipline. This high-action competitive sport calls for a talented, courageous rider and a well-trained, balanced horse. …

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Paula Helm, Saddle Fitter

Making Horses and Riders Comfortable by Kim Roe   Paula Helm is an in-demand and respected saddle fitter in the Northwest. Warm and cheerful, she is known as a tenacious hard-worker with an infectious enthusiasm. Paula won’t quit until she knows the saddle is right for both horse and rider. …

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Cleaning the Tack Room

How to Find Your Tack a New Home by Aliena Hook   If you’re like most equestrians, you collect tack. It might be piled in boxes, tack lockers, or lying around the barn. We might have grand ideas to sell the tack we don’t need or no longer want, but …

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Cowboy Cookin’

April 2017

Dutch Ovens Make it Easy by Aliena Hook   Whether huddled around a campfire after a trail ride or a chuck wagon after a cattle drive, being outdoors works up a special kind of hunger. Cowboy cooking has been around for centuries. Its basic rules are to make the most …

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Juni Fisher Sings About the Western Life

February 2017

Ellensburg’s Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering February 17-19 by Kim Roe   The Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering is a celebration of western music, art, gear, and cowboy poetry in Ellensburg, Washington, February 17-19. Juni Fisher is one of the musicians headlining at this year’s gathering. Juni and …

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