Anna Rodriguez -AQHA Competitor Holds Passion for Photography and Horses

Photos by Jeni Jo Photography

The Northwest Horse Source is celebrating youth in action. This column features young equine enthusiasts from all over the Northwest who inspire, uplift, or just have fun with horses. The future of the horse industry depends on youth participation. We look forward to sharing their stories and adventures! If you’re …

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Book Release – From the Horse’s Point of View

For years, Andrea Kutsch filled stadiums with spectators as she demonstrated remarkable transformations in problem horses using the Natural Horsemanship training methods she’d learned from leaders in the field. But something was bothering her—a feeling that had been with her since her childhood days, watching Icelandics in a field and …

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Buying Horses and Houses – Similarities Abound in the Purchasing Process

Allison and Blake with Blake's horse "Huckleberry" at their first show in Las Vegas, NV. Photo from Allison Trimble

It’s been a long time since I was focused on buying horses. Right now, I’m anxiously awaiting the vet check on a colt Blake (my real estate partner) and I are hoping to buy for next year’s NRHA futurity. At the same time, I am packing to fly to Fort …

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Mind Games – Create a Horse Who Thinks and Looks for Direction

The key to getting in sync with your horse’s mind is to resist the human instinct to stop when faced with something unexpected. Photo by Cara Crain

In this article, we discuss how you can influence your horse to choose the thinking part of the brain rather than the reactive part when faced with everyday decisions. The mind of the horse is very powerful and is a key component in creating an all-round partner. In our previous …

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Working through the Process – Breaking Goals Down into the Smallest Steps Leads to Success

When working with mules or writing, I focus on where to begin, stay motivated through the hiccups, and keep working until the objective is accomplished. Photo from Robert Eversole

2021 was quite a year! We had a few excellent rides with the mules, attended a very worthwhile clinic, and started on an epic pack trip, which ended with me heading to the ER in a helicopter. I spent July through November writing a book because I couldn’t walk, ride, …

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Hog Fuel, Gravel, or Sand? Winter Footing Options for Equine Confinement Areas

One advantage of sand is that horses love to lie down and roll on it. Photo by Alayne Blickle.

The dead of winter usually comes with footing challenges for horse owners. It’s unhealthy for horses to stand in disease-causing muck and it’s difficult to get chores done when pushing a manure cart through ankle-deep mud. Plus, there are detrimental implications for the natural world around us since dirty water …

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Therapeutic Riding of Tri-Cities (TROT) – Unleashing the Potential of Those with Disabilities

Photo by TROT

Article by Cynthia MacFarlan Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) promotes excellence in safety and education by certifying riding instructors, accrediting equine facilities, producing educational conferences, and publishing educational resources, go to www.CHA.Horse for more information. Our member programs are the heartbeat of the association, here is one story.   Cynthia MacFarlan, …

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