Building a Barn?

Building a Barn?
Karen Pickering

Compare Your Options for the Right Fit

by Karen Pickering, NWHS Publisher


In spring we start thinking about projects around the farm. Whether we’re considering a new barn or upgrading an existing structure, there are many companies willing to help. March is our Barn and Farm issue so The Northwest Horse Source interviewed multiple barn companies to get you started on your decision. See additional barn companies and their responses in our online edition.

DC Structures

1) Where’s your headquarters? DC Structures is located outside of Portland, Oregon.

2) What’s your specialty? We specialize in pre-engineered, post-and-beam style barn kits.

3) Who is your typical customer? We’re proud to say that we don’t have a typical customer. All our customers are looking for something unique that helps them accomplish their personal goals. Whether that’s a barn to effectively store and care for their horses, or a workshop or garage for their home business, DC Structures offers a diverse line of kits to accommodate all our creative and versatile clientele. We cherish the privilege of getting to work with such a wide variety of people.

4) What makes your company unique? There are two things that really make DC Structures stand out: the quality of our products and the client-centric services our team provides. Our kits are built to last for several generations to come, meaning this is not the kind of barn you buy and then replace 10 years down the road. Sourcing only the highest quality materials, our post-and-beam structures are the best in the industry.

Our knowledgeable team of design specialists and project managers guide the client every step of the way. We recognize that making the decision to add a structure to your property is an exciting yet potentially stressful undertaking. It is our priority to ensure that clients are involved without feeling overwhelmed, and heard without feeling bowled over. This level of one-on-one service is a hallmark of what sets DC Structures apart from other barn kit companies.

5) Price Range? Our kits vary greatly in price depending on model, location and materials. We offer an endless number of upgrades that can be used to personalize your kit. These modifications can have a big impact on the overall price tag depending on how far clients take them. Our cheapest barebones kit runs about $30,000.

6) What areas do you serve? We serve clients all across the U.S.

Castlebrook Barns

1) Where’s your headquarters? Fontana, California

2) What’s your specialty? Our barns feature sturdy steel frame construction combined with the timeless beauty of wood.

3) Who is your typical customer? Anyone—from clients who want a barn for their backyard, all the way to a large equestrian center.

4) What makes your company unique? We do not outsource the manufacturing of our product nor do we use distributors. Everything is done at our facility so we can offer a quality product and excellent customer service. While most companies up-charge for a tongue-and-groove option, it’s a standard feature in Castlebrook Barns. We proudly offer a lifetime structural guarantee on all our barns.

5)Price Range? Varies greatly by size and style of barn

6) What areas do you serve? Worldwide


1) Where’s your headquarters? About an hour north of Seattle in Monroe, Washington.

2) What’s your specialty? We specialize in pre-engineered barn, and barn-inspired building kits for homeowners, business owners and professionals in the construction industry. We also provide a wide selection of products to outfit or remodel a barn or home.

3) Who is your typical customer? Our customers are looking for a building that offers appreciable value, looks beautiful and can be easily personalized. Our products meet these needs along with quick delivery (as little as 4 weeks), less wasted material, and various pre-built components that save time and money in the field.

4) What makes your company unique? Our dedication to craft, quality and efficiency challenges us to do better every day—and we meet that challenge by constantly evolving our process, products and technology. Our reward is in the satisfaction of our customers and the knowledge that their building will be a focal point on their property that gives them years of enjoyment.

5) Price Range​? Building kits range in price from $18,995 for a 576 sq. ft. shop, up to $123,995 for a 4,900 sq. ft. barn apartment.

6) What areas do you serve? We offer our kits nationwide, though we began the business 25 years ago serving residents of the Pacific Northwest.

Farmtek (Clearspan)

1) Where’s your headquarters? Corporate headquarters are located in South Windsor, Connecticut. Manufacturing and distribution center is in Dyersville, Iowa.

2) What’s your specialty? We specialize in design built fabric structures. Our structures are built with ultra-durable, triple-galvanized steel and covered by a polyethylene fabric cover that lets natural light filter through. The structure’s design doesn’t require support posts, so users get the maximum amount of usable space for riding, boarding, or anything else. We also offer metal buildings and hybrid buildings, which blend the benefits of metal and fabric structures.

3) Who is your typical customer? We have a wide range of customers, from families looking to build backyard riding arenas to large race tracks looking for custom stables that can house and train a large number of horses. One thing all our customers have in common is that they are looking for a clean, dry and safe environment to house or ride their horses in and/or store feed.

4) What makes your company unique? All our design and manufacturing is done in-house, so we always have control over the project. Our customers appreciate our Truss Arch Specialists, because they can work with someone that has extensive equine experience. They can offer valuable advice and make suggestions that the customer may have not considered.

We also have a unique foundation option. Our exclusive Helical Anchoring System eliminates the need for expensive foundations and cuts construction time and costs significantly. We also offer a number of traditional foundation options.

5) Price Range? The price range of our structures really varies due to the amount of customizations that customers can make. We have a building size and price point that can meet any customer’s needs.

6) What areas do you serve? We’ve built across the globe, but most of our structures are located in the United States.


Originally Published March 2017 Issue

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