Breyer® Releases Orren Mixer’s American Paint Horse Ideal Model

The art of legendary Western artist Orren Mixer continues to enchant new audiences through a creative collaboration with the equine experts at Breyer Model Horses® and the American Paint Horse Association. Breyer is excited to share that the second release in The Ideal Series, which is inspired by the works of Orren Mixer, is the ideal American Paint Horse.

Mixer was best known for his paintings depicting livestock, sweeping scenery, and the Western lifestyle. He had a gift for capturing the equine form, which led to many equine breed associations commissioning him to paint their breed’s ideal—and most of these images are still in use today. While Mixer passed in 2008, his body of work has cemented his place as one of America’s most preeminent equine artists.

This proud tobiano can now be appreciated as a Breyer model. Just like no two Paint horses are alike, no two Breyer models are ever exactly the same. Each authentically sculpted model is meticulously hand painted, making each a unique collectable that’s perfect for display while also being durable enough for play. The American Paint Horse Ideal is a Traditional (1:9 scale) model, and is available at toy, gift, tack and agricultural stores nationwide, as well as at


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