Book Review: Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot

What does it take to grow the very best hooves a horse can possibly grow? Is it some magical trim, a supplement, or some newfangled shoeing package? The answers are much more complex and involve every aspect of the horse’s life. Can laminitis and caudal foot pain be cured? Prevented? Can a carefully cultivated hoof form and internal foot development protect the horse from injury throughout the body?
Hoof Rehabilitation Specialist Pete Ramey has teamed up with contributing authors Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD, Hilary M. Clayton PhD, Brian Hampson PhD, Eleanor Kellon VMD, Kerry Ridgway DVM, Debra Taylor, DVM, and Kathryn Watts, BS. Together they have detailed countless aspects of the veterinary care, hoof maintenance, internal development, nutrition, biomechanics, property management, and husbandry needed to optimize the equine foot and to treat many of the problems common to horses everywhere.

NWHS Publisher’s Review: Pete Ramey has developed a program that addresses hoof trimming issues and care of the horse’s feet that is revolutionary, and his book is a must-read. This book belongs in every horseman’s library. If you’ve had horses that are lame, this gives hope where before there was none. After reading through the material I now have hope for my own horse, April. – Karen Pickering, Publisher NW Horse Source Magazine

Purchase Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot online at http://www.hoofrehab.com/ or from Amazon and other booksellers.


Originally Published October 2017 Issue

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