Flax Plus by Herbsmith

  Herbsmith Inc. is proud to introduce their amazing formulas in a new, easy-to-administer option! They’ve combined their same reliable solutions with the many well-known benefits of flax: Improve the appearance of the horse’s coat, contains Omega 3’s that support joint health, the cardiovascular system, and the skin/coat. Great taste for …

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Granny’s Still Got It

A Look at Baby Boomers and their Equine Fascination By Allison Trimble   With the baby boomers starting to retire, a large portion of the non-pro performance horse competitors are between 55 and 65. Many of these people are new to the sport. Most had some horse experience as kids, possibly …

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Bring Back the Fun!


How To Keep Riding Challenging and Still Have Fun   by Mark Bolender “Am I doing this right?” is a phrase I hear often from students. It’s very natural (and important) to learn proper riding technique, but many people get bogged down by details and they forget the reason they …

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