Outbreak Alert: May 5, 2022 – Equine Infectious Anemia in Riverside and Tualre County, CA

Source: California Department of Food and Agriculture Number Confirmed: 1; Number Exposed: 61; Age: 3; Gender: Stallion; Breed: Quarter Horse (QH); Confirmation Date: 5/2/2022; Horse Status: Euthanized; Notes: On May 2, 2022, a 3-year-old Quarter Horse stallion was confirmed positive for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) while residing in Riverside county. …

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Travis Logan of Clear Cut Horsemanship – Creston, Washington Trainer Keeps it Simple while Giving Horses and Riders a Solid Foundation

“I believe in keeping things simple and clear for both horse and rider.” - Travis Logan. All photos by Clear Cut Horsemanship

There is one sure way to be successful in business: provide people with something they need that’s in short supply. In the horse business, that “something” is capable colt starters. Throughout the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) owners of young horses are discovering how difficult it is to find a trainer …

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Forest Services Reminds Visitors Use Good Judgment Ahead of Fire Season

California wildfire with glowing orange smoke in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Photo by Ross Stone Photography

With much of California in drought conditions, please remember that any accidental spark while visiting California’s national forests could escalate into a wildfire. Unsafe recreational shooting practices, unattended campfires, and sparks from a loose chain on a vehicle are just a few of the causes for hundreds of wildfires that …

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Ukraine Equestrian Relief Flair(R) Strip

Achieve Equine, makers of FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips, just released a limited-edition FLAIR Strip to support Ukraine Equestrian Relief Efforts. The Ukraine Equestrian Relief FLAIR Strip is available exclusively at flairstrips.com.  In partnership with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), Achieve Equine will donate 100% of the proceeds from sales …

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Haygain Can Help Lessen Our Horses’ Environmental Hoof Print

Everybody poops, including horses. While there’s ample information about the impact of manure on soil and water quality, it’s good to know that our equines contribute only a small fraction of the world’s accumulation of problematic animal waste. One measurement is that an average horse produces 20.7 kilograms (45.5 pounds) …

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Where are We Going? Horses for All is My Dream

I’ll try not to rant. Unfortunately, I’m a worrier, and I’m worried about the horse business. We’re facing some serious difficulties. Many in the horse business are getting a bit long in the tooth—especially those who own and maintain the facilities where many equine activities happen. Boarding barns are closing …

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