Bitless Bridles

How to Make and Use Inexpensive Bit-Free Bridles

by Lisa Preston




Create a variety of inexpensive, reliable, custom-fit bitless bridles in the colors you choose. This 104 page manual includes step-by-step instructions for more than a dozen bridles, halters, and other handmade tack. Available from Alpine Publications for $24.95, or Foreword by Robert M. Miller, DVM.

Photo credit Catherine Madera


Editor’s Note: Ever hear of a chin-slip, cross-jaw, or Indian hackamore? Me neither. Lisa Preston’s book on making bitless bridles was an education, in more ways than one. It includes information about going bit-free as well as research into horse anatomy. However, Lisa doesn’t make you feel like a jerk if you do use bits. The book focuses on how to construct bitless bridles: equipment needed, knots to learn, and how to measure your horse. I am quite directionally impaired, but was able to construct a chin-slip for my newly started 3-year-old mustang Mateo with only a couple of hiccups. I felt like the 80’s TV star MacGyver—look what I can do with two rings and some kernmantle rope! Next up? Making a “hackalea.” Highly recommend this book.


Published November 2013 Issue


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