Be Prepared Before Heading Out – Rendezvous Offers Educational Opportunities

It’s time to start planning your riding adventures for this year! The BCHW calendar of chapter-sponsored events is being updated almost weekly. For a full list go to www.bchw.org and click on Upcoming Activities. There is a list of state events at the top of the page: Leave No Trace classes, the Gravel Pack-in, Winery Ride and more. Scroll down a bit and see the chapter-sponsored rides all across the state.

If you think you would like to start packing but don’t know how to start, come to the BCHW Rendezvous March 20 to 22 and listen to what our guest speakers TrailMeister Robert Eversole and Andy Breland have to share. Afterwards, you can go out to the hands-on packing area and get a feel for it.


Prepare Before You Go

BCHW wants to remind you how important it is to be prepared before heading out on a trail ride. Do you need a permit to park, camp or ride where you’re going? Different land managers need different passes, learn which one needs what.

And what about Weed Seed Free Feed—is it required where you are going? Is the camp you are heading to maintained just for horses or is it open to all users? Is it managed by a concessionaire and under a reservation system or is it first-come, first-served? Is there a fee or is it free? What amenities does it offer—or not?

You might have to be self-contained (bring your own potty and water), along with providing your own stock water, highlines or corrals and have to take your manure home with you. Or maybe it’s all provided.

What are the current road and trail conditions? What is the snow level? Do you have a trail saw with you? What about the ten essentials? Do you know how to leave no trace?

For lots of great information go to  www.trailmeister.com to learn what you need. There are a couple of good YouTube videos too. For road and trail conditions contact the specific land manager’s websites. And there are several Facebook pages available where you can ask questions about a trail, road or camp.

Best yet, join a chapter of BCHW—members are always willing to share what they know. Being prepared means being safe; being safe means you will have a great time! For all the latest BCHW info visit the official BCHW state Facebook page at www.facebook.com/public.bchw.


Upcoming BCHW Activities and Events:

– Rendezvous & Used Tack Sale! – March 20-22, 2020 – Kittitas Valley Event Center, Ellensburg, WA

– Winery Ride & Costume Contest Prize Ride – October 31, 2020 – Zillah, WA


Back Country Horsemen of Washington is dedicated to keeping trails open for all users, educating stock users in Leave-No-Trace practices, and providing volunteer service to resource agencies. Learn more at www.bchw.org


Story by Lori Lennox

Published in March 2020 Issue

March 2020


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