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Barb Apple Now Offering Cowboy/Western Dressage Clinics

Barb Apple Now Offering Cowboy/Western Dressage Clinics
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Popular natural horsemanship clinician Barb Apple now offers  cowboy/western dressage instruction through her program Horse Play, based out of Roy, WA.  Clinics benefit both advanced and beginner riders and will focus on the patterns of cowboy dressage, the basic moves needed to implement these patterns and the tips that will help you score high in the tournaments.  Even if you are not interested in competition, you will love the challenge of learning to place your horse’s feet where you want them to go, at the speed you wish, at the place you choose.  Clinics are fun, while expanding the imagination of participants to see and understand how the movements relate in everything they do with their horses.  Specific clinic goals include:

  • How to apply the principles of dressage to help your horse with cadence, balance and lightness.
  • Teaching your horse to work off his hindquarters and achieving lightness in the front quarters.
  • Developing greater harmony with your horse and helping “get your horse’s feet in your hands,” making the ride feel like a dance.

To learn more about Barb, Horse Play, and her clinic schedule visit* or email


*This website was no longer active at the time this article was added to the website in 2018.


Published November 2013 Issue

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