Freshen Up Your Barn

September 2017

A Little Effort Makes a Big Difference by Theresa Rice   Dreaming of a Pinterest-worthy barn? Me too. But I don’t have a million dollars lying around for those spotless aisles, stylish lighting, a heated and air-conditioned arena, and endless feet of white fencing enclosing mud-free green pastures. Even though …

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What the Horse! Product Reviews and More

June 2017

Saddle Pad Care by Theresa Rice   When you first tried your saddle on your horse, I’m sure you also evaluated the fit of the saddle pad. Acting as a shock absorber and a tool for improving saddle fit, the saddle pad plays an important role in your horse’s comfort. …

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Finding a Boarding Barn

March 2017

Your Horse’s Home Needs to Make You Both Happy by Theresa Rice   Sometimes life circumstances change. You move off of property, buy your first horse, or are new to an area. You need to find a place to keep your horse. But how do you choose a place to …

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Is Your Horse Crazy?

December 2016

How Horse Care Contributes to their Mental Health Theresa Rice   I recently finished the book Animal Madness by Laurel Braitman. The book’s focus is on animal anxiety and bad behaviors. It also tracks human’s use of animals throughout time — for entertainment, advancement of medicine, and even for determining …

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What The Horse! The Tongass Riding Skirt

The Tongass Riding Skirt: A Unique and Useful Gift for Winter Riding By Theresa Rice   Do you enjoy giving unique gifts? Do you like to surprise your people with gifts they don’t know they want? I love finding truly special gifts and I think I’ve found something for you …

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What the Horse? Back to Work After Injury


Proceed with Caution by Theresa Rice   My horse recently injured himself, clipping the inside of his back leg with his other hoof (he’s almost as graceful as me). It looked like a simple flesh wound, so I hosed it down and put him up for the night. The next …

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What the Horse! How to Store Hay

by Theresa Rice The cooler nights and earlier sunsets are signaling the change of seasons. As sad as it is to see summer end, I’m happy to say goodbye to the flies. You’ve likely already stockpiled some hay in preparation for winter, but before you jam your loft, stall or …

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What the Horse? DIY Performance Horses


Maintaining and Developing Your Performance Horse by Theresa Rice   With this month’s focus on performance horses, I wanted to give a perspective that some may not have considered: The-do-it-yourself (DIY) performance horse owner. Many performance horses are in full time training with a professional trainer. However, my performance horse …

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What the Horse? Helmets in Review

The Truth about Head Injuries and the Equestrian by Theresa Rice   There have been a few well publicized and tragic deaths from horse accidents this year. Each new accident sends ripples of grief and concern through the horse community, as well as reigniting the helmet debate. I recently saw …

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