Online Exclusive: Be Ready!

Disaster Preparedness on the Farm By Theresa Rice   Whether you keep your horses on your own property or board them, disaster preparedness is something you need to consider. I know it’s not a fun topic to think about, but recent events have highlighted how important it is to have …

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April 2020 – Draft Horses Keep the Past Alive

It’s history we take for granted—like the fact that we get on from the left side because soldiers of times-gone-by mounted that way in order to keep their swords (worn on the left hip) out of the way. Nowadays, the dashboard is where we look to see how fast we’re …

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Keep Your Senior Horse Conditioned

Two Ways to Help a Hard-Keeper By Theresa Rice   One of the most common questions I see on horse forums in winter is how best to feed an aging horse that’s losing condition. Senior horses can have complications that make it a challenge to keep weight on. Between teeth …

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Preventing Injury in Performance Horses

Multiple Therapies Keep Hard-Working Horses Going Strong By Theresa Rice   Performance horses are true athletes in their disciplines. Whether you’re training and maintaining that athlete yourself or paying a trainer to do it, you want to keep your horse in the best physical condition possible. All athletes benefit from …

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Time to Get in Shape

January 2018

Two Exercises to Build Strength and Balance by Theresa Rice   We’re now entering the cold, grey stretch of winter. No more holidays, just dreary weather and vitamin D deficiency. These are the months I find the hardest. I’ve gained weight from overindulging during the holiday parties and have no …

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