How the Environment Affects Hoof Health

Hooves Change with Seasons by Tab Pigg   Seasonal weather changes have a major effect on horses’ hooves. Hooves change with the weather and may require extra attention and treatment. Ignoring environmental impact on hooves can lead to sole deterioration or other harmful consequences. When it comes to a horse’s …

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Healing White Line Disease

Using Solar Support to Heal Compromised Hooves by Tab Pigg   No matter the season, anytime wet conditions are present bacteria and fungus can get trapped in a horse’s hoof wall. Similar to human toenails, once fungus and bacteria have set in it’s very difficult to conquer. This combination of pathogens in the hoof wall is a recipe for White Line Disease.   The Anatomy of White Line Disease When looking at the bottom of a horse’s hoof, there is a white line that divides the outside of the hoof wall and the sole. This part of the hoof is also …

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