What The Horse? Keeping Hooves Maintained and Bars Aligned

Proper and Consistent Trimming is Key by Tab Pigg Proper trimming is vital to preventing lameness and injury for horses. Keeping a horse’s bars aligned and healthy are dependent upon trimming as well. Bars appear as white lines along the frog and are made up of lamina. Think of the …

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Healing White Line Disease

Using Solar Support to Heal Compromised Hooves by Tab Pigg   No matter the season, anytime wet conditions are present bacteria and fungus can get trapped in a horse’s hoof wall. Similar to human toenails, once fungus and bacteria have set in it’s very difficult to conquer. This combination of pathogens in the hoof wall is a recipe for White Line Disease.   The Anatomy of White Line Disease When looking at the bottom of a horse’s hoof, there is a white line that divides the outside of the hoof wall and the sole. This part of the hoof is also …

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