Purina® Introduces Outlast™ Gastric Support Supplement

September 2017

Purina Animal Nutrition announces a new product line formulated to support gastric health in horses. Outlast™ Gastric Support Supplement, Race Ready® GT and Ultium® Gastric Care horse feeds are now available at participating retailers. Research shows up to 90 percent of active horses experience gastric discomfort, affecting health, attitude and performance. Purina’s gastric support …

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Caring for Orphan Foals

Success is Possible by Purina Animal Nutrition   Spring is here and so is peak foaling season. While an exciting time with frolicking foals, having a plan for the unexpected can help alleviate stress in case a mare is unable to care for her baby. To help orphan foals through …

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Broodmare Nutrition During Late Gestation

April 2017

Mare’s Diet Must Be Carefully Monitored in Final Trimester by Purina Animal Nutrition   Up to 60 percent of an unborn foal’s growth happens during the last three months of pregnancy. As such, late gestation can pose nutritional challenges for pregnant mares. Unborn foals grow very slowly (approximately 0.2 pounds …

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Horse Hoof Health and Nutrition

February 2017

Balance is Key by Purina Animal Nutrition   The need for balance seems to arise in every aspect of horse riding and ownership. Your trainer pushes for a balanced ride. Your farrier trims and shoes for a balanced hoof. And, perhaps most importantly, you aim to provide your horse the …

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Purina Introduces SuperSport™ Supplement for Faster Muscle Recovery

July 2014

Purina Animal Nutrition recently introduced SuperSport™ amino acid supplement, a scientifically formulated amino acid formula proven to support equine performance and overall fitness. Purina developed the proprietary formula on its 1,200-acre nutrition research farm, where it demonstrated the ability to support muscle recovery, increase exercise capacity and support muscle development. …

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