January 22, 2021 – Equine Infectious Anemia in Clackamas, OR

Source: State Veterinarian Number Confirmed: 1; Number Exposed: 13; Confirmed Case/Official Quarantine Facility Type: Private Facility; Notes: A horse at a private facility in Clackamas County has tested positive for Equine Infectious Anemia. For more information about EIA go to: https://aaep.org/sites/default/files/Documents/Outside%20Linked%20Documents/DiseaseFactsheet_EIA%20Cobranded.pdf; All information is sourced from  http://equinediseasecc.org/alerts/outbreaks

Horse Trek Program Teaches Youth Responsibility

For over 75 years the Scouts have provided horsemanship opportunities for youth. Of the high adventure programs that exist out there the Horse trek is second to none. Scott Depaolo, Director of the Cascade Pacific Council’s horsemanship program leads dozens of youths across the Cascade Range each summer to move …

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Summer’s Art Studio

Original Paintings and Pet Portraits by Summer Derrickson Meet Summer Derrickson, owner and creator at Summers Art Studio. Her soulful equine paintings share the message of hope and God’s love. Since an early age she has loved both God and horses. Her paintings are a way to express and share …

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