Passionate Empowerment – Effective Communication with Your Horse

Passionate Empowerment – Effective Communication with Your Horse In lieu of devices, violence, and food as trickery, Passionate Empowerment is a true empowerment process. Assertiveness is only needed when danger presents itself, otherwise empowerment is gained by understanding the language of the horse, observation of the horse and communication the …

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Help My Horse Is Trying To Kill Me

“I am afraid my wife won’t come home one day from the barn. I just want her to get rid of that dangerous horse”, Wendy’s husband said to me as he pulled me aside. “I’ll do everything I can to help” I replied trying to reassure him. Wendy first contacted …

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A Star Reborn Part 3

The change in Star was amazing after his chiropractic adjustment! His eyes softened along with his countenance and attitude. I had not realized he’d been subtly trying to tell me he was in pain. For instance, after his chiropractic adjustment he stood quietly for saddling with no fuss or fidgeting. …

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A Star Reborn Part 2

Missy Wryn

Now that Star can back-up with the slightest jiggle of the lead rope (read A Star Reborn Part 1) it is time to begin desensitizing him, teaching him to lunge with changing direction and perform a one-rein-stop on the ground which will translate under saddle as his emergency handbrake. As …

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A Star Reborn Part 1

Missy Wryn Star

When he arrived his mane was dread-locked, his body covered in numerous flesh wounds and his knees were skinned. The beautiful buckskin paint Arab had just been gelded at the age of 5, only two weeks before coming to my place for training, (that explained the skinned knees). Frightened and …

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Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn Returns to WA State Horse Expo

Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy Wryn is an internationally recognized Gentle Horse Trainer and member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators.  Missy will be presenting her acclaimed Training the Whole Horse® methods & techniques at the Washington State Horse Expo February 19th thru the 21st at the Clark County Event Center.  “I am …

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The Secrets of Simple Horse Care

Keep it Simple to Keep Your Horse Healthy by Missy Wryn   I hear this all the time from regular visitors, clinic participants and followers:  “Your horses are never sick, what’s your secret?” Dare I tempt fate by answering that?  Well, I figure it’s more important to share my horse care …

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Free Online Viewing of Missy Wryn’s Horse Training and Wellness Videos Now Available!

July 2014

Nationally recognized horse trainer & clinician Missy Wryn provides comprehensive horse management, horse training, and effective communication workshops, clinics, and lectures across the country and at her Zen Barn in Estacada, Oregon (just 30 minutes SE of Portland, Oregon). Now, Missy Wryn’s signature style horse training & wellness videos are …

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