See Your Property Through A Veterinarian’s Eyes – Consider Emergency Access to Animals on Your Equine Facility

Be sure gates are large enough for vehicles to get to your horse in an emergency. Photo by Kim Roe.

A dear friend of mine is a mobile veterinarian. A mobile veterinarian is one without a traditional office who instead works out of her truck. During a conversation last week, she expressed frustration with the number of barns and properties she calls on that make her job difficult. This is …

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Pasture Preparation – Growing Healthy Grass Begins with Warming Soils

Keep horses off the grass when temperatures are cold and soil is soggy.

Late February and early March is a transitionary time in the Pacific Northwest. The days grow longer, the temperature begins to rise, and at some point, the grass starts to grow. And when it starts growing all our chores associated with good pasture management begin. But when will it begin, …

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Small Farm Makeover: After the Event

Pay Attention to Your Horse’s Environment After the Stress of a Show By Michael Hipp   Whether we’ve roped at a rodeo or performed our best at a dressage show, our end-of-the-event routines tend to be the same: we load our horse in the trailer, pull out of the parking …

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Fencing to Protect Salmon

What’s Good for Salmon is Good for Horses By Michael Hipp   We’ve seen Western movies where thousands of cows are driven across a river by cowboys on horseback keeping them all in line. In these movies the rivers lack something we have here in the Pacific Northwest that makes …

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Preventing Parasite Infestation

Pasture and Herd Management Reduces Need for Chemical Dewormers By Michael Hipp   Parasites in our horses are a constant battle. Most large animal veterinarians I know readily say that all horses have (or will have) parasites at some point. Most of them prescribe a regular deworming schedule. While this …

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