A Horse of Another Color: Green ~ Part 6

Pt. 6: Green Lessons We Learned by Mark P. Dangelo   It has been nearly two years since we finished our green equestrian facility.  And, like most things, we learned some things only in hindsight as we watched segments of this unique venture either deliver or fall short of our …

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A Horse of Another Color: Green ~ Part 3

How to Work with Nature for Proper Barn Ventilation by Mark P. Dangelo   Working in harmony with nature and unique geographic surroundings is a cornerstone of sustainable designs, especially when it comes to agricultural solutions. It’s also easier and economically beneficial.  Proper ventilation usually falls behind other horse care …

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A Horse of Another Color: Green ~ Part 1


Building a Sustainable Equine Facility by Mark P. Dangelo Our family loves our horses and we do everything possible to make them healthy, comfortable and, well, part of the family.  From the feed we choose, to the training they receive, to their stall upkeep and outdoor runs, we create an …

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