Looking for Something to do with Your Horse?

Try Mountain Trail By Mark Bolender   Summer is upon us and calendars are overloaded! It’s hard to choose which horse events to attend. Deciding where to go and what to do with your time and your spare money can be overwhelming. Do you go to breed shows, open shows, …

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Magic for Sale!

December 2017

Training Takes Hard Work, Not Stuff by Mark Bolender   Magic for sale! I have a Mountain Trail video that will make your horse perfect on every obstacle. I’ll sell you this magic bit to give your horse the perfect head set. How about this magic training halter that will …

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Back to Basics

October 2017

Reduce Injuries with Skills, Training, and Common Sense by Mark Bolender   Mountain Trail has its hazards and there is potential for injury in many areas. We trainers and riders have an obligation to protect our horses to the best of our ability. Over the years I’ve noticed some riders …

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Mastering the Balance Beam

August 2017

An Exercise in Focus by Mark Bolender   Trail challenge and mountain trail are based on real situations found riding on the trail. Certain obstacles simulate these working conditions. One important obstacle is the balance beam. It simulates some of the difficult log and bridge crossings required to cross creeks …

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