The Sport of Working Equitation – Part 4

Working Equitation

The Speed and Cattle Phase by Kim Roe   The goal of working equitation is to highlight the qualities of a horse that is going to be useful on the ranch. The first two trials are dressage and ease of handling, and judges test the accuracy, suppleness, fluidity of movement, …

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The Sport of Working Equitation – Part 3


The Ease of Handling Trial by Kim Roe Last month we covered the dressage phase of working equitation, now we explore phase 2: the “ease of handling” trial. This trial involves a course of 8 – 15 obstacles ridden slowly and precisely, like dressage through obstacles. The objective of this …

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The Sport of Working Equitation – Part 2

The Dressage Phase by Kim Roe As a dressage trainer and rider, I became interested in the discipline of working equitation because it includes a dressage phase. I appreciate the harmony between horse and rider that is developed in dressage, and the way that good dressage work can transform almost …

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The Sport of Working Equitation – Part 1

Engage Your Dressage Horse with an Exciting New Discipline by Kim Roe   Most horses, like most people, need a job that has a clear beginning and a clear end. This clarity brings the horse mentally and physically into the game we are playing and includes sports such as cutting, …

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

September 2014

Realities of Life as a Horse Trainer by Kim Roe   I got my first horse training job when I was 12 years old. A neighbor had purchased a pony for his children and it kept bucking the kids off, so he gave me $25.00 to ride the pony for …

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What Every Horseman Needs to Know

Guidelines for Good Training by Kim Roe   Over my career as a horse trainer, I’ve developed a horseman’s protocol or “code” for good training. I keep these priorities in mind whenever I’m working with a horse, and teach my students to do the same. These are not so much training …

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A Jiggy Problem

Retraining an Annoying Habit by Kim Roe   Many riders have experienced the annoyance of a horse who “jigs” by taking small, tense trot steps. The horse refuses to walk and may sway his hips from side to side. Jigging may be accompanied by head tossing, pulling, tongue and mouth problems, and …

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Educating “Junior”

How to Get the Most Out of Professional Horse Training By Kim Roe   Taking your horse to a trainer is not like taking your car to a mechanic to be “fixed”. A mechanic can replace a broken part, then you take your car home, it runs great, and you don’t …

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