Meghan Valenti – Focusing on Connection and Trust Between Horses and Riders

Photo by Corrie Lam

The Northwest Horse Source is celebrating Northwest trainers and instructors We believe that connecting riders, trainers, and horses is necessary for success in the horse business. It’s our goal to support the equestrian lifestyle for all our readers.   If you’re a trainer who’d like to be featured in the Northwest Horse Source, click here and answer these …

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Move those Hips! How to Train the Turn-on-the-Forehand

The turn-on-the-forehand mobilizes the hips, supples the muscles of the horse’s back, hind legs, and haunches, and teaches the horse to yield to the inside leg. Photo by Kim Roe

One of the most basic lateral movements, the turn-on-the-forehand, maneuvers the horse’s hips around his forehand. This exercise teaches the horse to move away from the pressure of the rider’s leg, aids in control, and makes the horse more agile and supple. The mobilization of the hips and the consequential …

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Is Your Horse Safe in His Home? Attention to Details Can Save Your Horse

An aisleway between fences eliminates the problem of horses fighting across the fence and injuring themselves on the fencing.

Scenario one: An equine facility has a policy that riders must clean their horses’ hooves before leaving the arena to keep the barn aisle clean. A hoof pick hangs on a hook next to the arena gate. One day, while cleaning out her horse’s hooves, a woman’s horse reaches up …

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It’s All Happening at the Grant County Fairgrounds! Caring and Motivated Management and Staff Continue to Upgrade Equine Facilities

Photos courtesy of Grant County Fairgrounds

Horse people are passionate about their horses and enjoy gathering together for competitions and exhibitions. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable, centrally located, horse and people-friendly venues that are well-maintained. Add in the capacity to support large numbers of horses, riders, and spectators and it’s nearly impossible. Luckily, …

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Hope for Heroes – Equine Therapy Consulting and Horsemanship Center – Uplifting Veterans with Help from Horses

Photos by Western Spirit Photography

There’s a lot of talk about how to help veterans and active military personnel suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, brain injury, chronic pain and other mental and physical problems. Still, approximately 20 U.S. veterans commit suicide every day in this country. We obviously need to do more than talk. …

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