Helping Horses In Harm’s Way

Sharon Classen using a multi-radiance laser shower on an Omaha Mounted Police horse.

The Omaha Police Mounted Patrol Unit was founded in 1990. In 2005, ConAgra Foods built a state-of-art equine facility for the horses. With many fans in the community, the unit’s 12 to 14 horses regularly receive donations of tack, trailers, and even new stablemates. But what they’ve sorely needed lately …

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Hit the Road with Respiratory Health on Board

Photo: copyright Shelley Paulson

The horse world is cautiously getting back on the road as competitions re-emerge on June calendars. Productive horse people likely spent some of the pandemic doing horse trailer maintenance: checking breaks, tires, interiors, hitches and electrical connections. Those critical aspects of safe equine transport tend to get a lot of …

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