From My Saddle: Education is Ongoing

From My Saddle Education is Ongoing
NWHS Photo

American Horse Publications Conference Proves Fruitful I believe education is an ongoing process throughout our lives. The old cliché, “The older I get the less I know,” is certainly a true statement for me. Technology is changing so fast we don’t have time to download a software update before another …

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Creatives Join Forces to Support the Colorado Horse Community

Karen shoots pictures at a ranch sorting competition in Elbert, CO

The horse community at large comprises a tightly knit group with a shared lifestyle. Though smaller in scale, regional equine communities amplify that passion, interest, and dedication to a whole new level. Karen Pickering recognizes the valuable opportunity to serve these micro-audiences as the publisher and owner of the The Northwest Horse …

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It’s Never Too Late – Imagination is Power

Karen’s best friend Wendy, Wendy’s husband Duke, and new friend Cymmie on a ride in Colorado. Photo by Karen Pickering

Thanksgiving Day was a flurry of activity for me. Hosting a turkey dinner at our home was a new experience. Away from my family in Washington, I decided to invite friends over for a hearty feast. I finally have a house big enough to have guests—a dream come true for …

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Do Web Banners Really Work?

There are many questions about the effectiveness of online web banners. In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of viewers online. Do you wonder how effective banners are? Here’s an interesting fact: In the last 30 days we have delivered 270,524 impressions to our advertisers. Wow! …

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Capture Quality Leads With Our Newest Release

Our advertiser’s ads are seen over 8,000 times per day. With 10,000+ visitors a month to our website and 3500+ subscribers to our newsletter, we offer some unique opportunities that have proven successful to our advertisers. Starting in November we are offering an: All-Day FULL Single-ad sponsorship for $100/day This …

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