From My Saddle: Trying New Things

Karen with reindeer taken at the Alaska Horse Expo, June 2012.

Publishing Industry Bring Challenges The holidays always give me time to reflect on the year’s business challenges and wins. I’ve been burying my head in the sand for a while, avoiding what’s happening with how the equine world consumes information. For me, and many of our readers who’ve reached out …

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It’s Time to Be Bold!

Now’s the Time to Take Market Share I’ve been around long enough to see a couple of economic downturns, maybe even 3. The knee jerk reaction to bad news is to pull back, tighten the budget and weather the storm. While being cautious is prudent, ask yourself, is my decision …

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From My Saddle: Simple Pleasures

Borrowed Horse Provides Relaxation It’s easy to fill up your days with busy work. I’m often too busy for horse time, but thanks to my neighbor, Cymmie, I have a borrowed horse named Chase to ride. It’s amazing how I’ve lost my confidence since April passed away. I’ve miss her …

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From My Saddle: Education is Ongoing

From My Saddle Education is Ongoing
NWHS Photo

American Horse Publications Conference Proves Fruitful I believe education is an ongoing process throughout our lives. The old cliché, “The older I get the less I know,” is certainly a true statement for me. Technology is changing so fast we don’t have time to download a software update before another …

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