PSSM – Two Types of this Muscle Disorder Result in Tying-up

Tying-up is a disorder that occurs when normal muscle physiology is altered. Horses that tie up have painful, uncontrollable muscle contractions that lead to damaged muscle. Muscles fail to function properly, and symptoms can vary depending on the severity of the episode—from mild signs of stiffness and reluctance to move …

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The COVID-19 Dilemma

Information from a Veterinarian for Horse and Pet Owners COVID-19 is a term that has rapidly acquired worldwide recognition.  The seriousness of this highly contagious disease is inescapable.  The situation and information regarding COVID-19 is fast changing.  Below is recently collated information from three veterinary sources:  the American Association of …

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Equine Wellness Exam

Annual Veterinary Visit Can Improve Overall Health by David Sauter, DVM   An annual wellness examination by your veterinarian is a great way to assess your horse’s overall health. The purpose of the wellness examination in a horse is similar to that of a human wellness exam. The focus is …

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Equine Rabies

Vaccination Prevents This Fatal Disease by David Sauter, DVM   Rabies is a fatal viral disease and all mammals are susceptible. The virus is transmitted in the saliva of a rabid animal, often into a wound, but can also occur through contact with brain or nervous system tissue. In the …

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Treating Wounds

February 2017

First Do No Harm by Dave Sauter, DVM   Diligent horse owners can help prevent serious injuries and wounds in their horses. Proper fencing, building maintenance, and being attentive to potentially dangerous objects is an essential part of horsemanship. Despite our best efforts, wounds still happen. Wound treatment knowledge and …

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