One True Thing

The Gifts of Middle Age By Catherine Madera     I got my first horse, an Arabian named Sunny, when I was 11. A bright bay, he was flashy as a copper penny. I’d never seen anything so beautiful. My first ride on him is seared into memory: After strapping a saddle on the gelding, … Read More

A Hero’s Work

One horse’s will to live became an inspiration to many by Catherine Madera Photos by Emily Greene The working horses of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch outside Bend, Oregon don’t have performance pedigrees. They don’t round up cattle or help hold wily calves. For their job of equine counselor, this motley crew need only the basics … Read More

“I Bought a Racehorse”


Syndication and the Sport of Kings by Catherine Madera   The recent film Dark Horse provided a behind-the-scenes look into the practice of race horse syndication. A real life fairy tale, this documentary tells the story of Welsh race horse champion Dream Alliance. While wildly improbable, the story is delightful and heartwarming. It’s not every … Read More

Changing Seasons


Let Go to Embrace by Catherine Madera   A fond childhood memory includes my parents’ old record player. Dad loved musicians like Anne Murray and Pete Seeger and had a modest collection of records. I vividly remember pulling out the large vinyl discs, setting them on the turntable and lying on the yellow shag carpet … Read More

Late to the Party


Celebrating the Late Bloomer by Catherine Madera   In this culture there is nothing so exciting as fast success; we idolize the child wonder, the overnight sensation. We like things quick and outstanding. This is not a friendly environment for the “late bloomer.” Wikipedia defines this condition as: a person whose talents or capabilities are … Read More

Film Review: Dark Horse

Dark Horse

The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance   Dark Horse is the real life fairytale about how a Welsh barmaid from a poor coal mining town decided to breed a racehorse and take on the sport of kings. Jan Vokes knew nothing whatsoever about horse racing, but had bred birds and dogs—so why not a … Read More

May 2016 Cover Story: Getaway Horseplay

Creating Extraordinary Experiences on Horseback by Catherine Madera     Have a horse and like to travel? Cherie Cross thinks taking horses on vacation is a great idea. Through her company, Getaway Horseplay, she is providing unique ways for equestrians to have fun and learn by participating in hosted riding vacations around The West. “Getaway … Read More

A Risky Business


Risk Management and Confronting Fear by Catherine Madera   Our cover article this month touches on a critical topic in the life of every horse person: fear. Cindi Plendl of Butler Hill Equestrian Center says that “fear is your killer” and I have to agree. The worst accidents I have seen and worst scenarios of … Read More