So, you Want to Jump in your Cavallo Boots?

By Carole Herder   Jumping is a multifaceted sport. Success requires harmonization of both horse and human bodies, individually and collectively. Rewarding when accomplished with finesse and agility. Life-threatening when uncoordinated and clumsy. Let’s look at the effect jumping has on the equine body – primarily horses’ hooves. This is …

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New & Noteworthy: Cavallo Boots Help Keep Your Horse’s Hooves Hydrated

By Carole Herder Your horse’s hooves consist of living tissue and need extra care in the summer months. Just as with our own hair, nails, and other cellular structures, nourishment is important. Cellular strength, wholeness, and integrity are affected by environmental factors. When the hoof becomes dehydrated, it loses the elastic flexibility …

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4 Tips for Winning the Hoof Health War

Handy Hoof Hints, Part 2 By Carole Herder   This is not a discussion on the more serious hoof related issues such as laminitis, deformity, injury, or navicular disease. It’s a simple overview of common hoof problems and their causes, origins and some basic considerations for treatment. Nutrients The hoof …

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Consider Your Options: To Shoe or Not

Handy Hoof Hints #1 By Carole Herder   History Lesson Horses were first shod with metal shoes 1500 years ago when they were captured for use in battle. The confined horse’s hoof was weakened by a fetid environment and lack of movement. Limited movement meant restricted blood circulation and significant …

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Hoof Care for the Winter Months


The Health Benefits of Going Barefoot by Carole Herder   You’ve had a magnificent summer with your horse— cantering through emerald green fields, lazy picnic lunches and refreshing dips in your favorite local swimming spots. It’s been a fantastic time but now the seasons have changed. Maybe you’ve considered pulling …

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The Root Causes of Lameness in Horses

November 2014

Learn to Identify the Two Most Common Areas of Soreness by Carole Herder   When your horse starts to look “off,” pinpointing the root cause can be challenging. For the responsible horse owner, proper horse care involves sifting out reality from dogma. Once one develops a discerning eye and addresses …

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