Confidence Lost and Found – Overcoming Fear

“You have to let your heart be soft. You have to let your love be just an inch bigger than your fear.” Photo by Anna Blake

Ever notice how horse stories all have the same plot? We get a new horse, usually the wrong one. There’s a period of struggle. We get bad advice, we lose money, we get bucked off. We persist, two steps forward and one step back. In time, the horse ends up …

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What to Do When Your Horse is Wrong – Affirmative Training Shapes Behavior

Training is directing your horse toward something he doesn’t know. Photo by Anna Blake

It started the way it usually starts. Either the horse looked to the side or the rider pulled on her horse’s face. It’s the fundamental disagreement; the rider thinks it’s her right to control the horse and the horse doesn’t like having metal jammed on his jawbone. A common miscommunication, …

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How to be Your Performance Horse’s Best Friend – Listen to Horses in Their Own Language

Photo courtesy of Anna Blake

The horse is relaxed and soft, volunteering his best answer to the rider’s quiet cues. Whether a competition horse or your trail horse, a sweet and successful partnership requires two-way conversations. Find a deeper connection with your horse by listening to his calming signals—the subtle body language horses use to …

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