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Ask The Expert: Previously Foundered Mare Suddenly Lame

Q: My previously foundered mare came down suddenly lame as we had a Siberian cold front come in. We live in NW IL and the wind chills were -34F this lasted for 2 weeks. Temps have become more seasonal and we are due for a stretch of 50 degree weather. …

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Ask the Expert: Speed Control at the Canter

Q: How can I teach my horse to stay at a constant canter so he doesn’t speed up or slow down when I don’t have the reins? ~  Julia   A: Hi Julia, That is a great question.  The most important part of this is to teach your horse to …

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Ask the Expert: Where Horses Poop. Do We Have a Choice?

Q: Hi! I’m wondering if anyone on your team has any suggestions on how to prevent our horses from defecating in a certain area of their corral near the entrance gate? We’d prefer they choose an alternate area that wasn’t so close to the house and we didn’t have to …

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Dr. Sauter examines a horse during a pre-purchase exam. ©NWHS Photo

Ask the Expert: How to Deal With Cataracts in Horses

Q: Can a cataract be successfully healed in a horse? If so, does their eyesight return to normal? Thank you. Dan A: Hello Dan, Yes. Cataracts in horses are classified by age of onset, cause, location and severity.  Many cases of cataracts in horses only partially obstruct vision making the …

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Ask the Expert: Horse Has Too Much Go on the Trail

Q: I have a mare that has a lot more go than anything else. After riding for 30 or so minutes, she calms down some, but is still a fast walker. When going through trails, she doesn’t slow down to take the time to take the best path. I don’t …

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Ask the Expert: Choosing a student research project

Q: I am after some advice. I must complete an extended essay/research project by the end of next year. I have chosen biology and would like to do something equine related. I am required to choose an issue and write 5000 words on it. I’m required to conduct my own …

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©NWHS Photo

Ask the Expert: How Do I Deal With a Herd Bound Horse?

Q: My question has a bit of a back story. I have one mare and one gelding. They’ve been together for four years. I had the gelding first (he is 16 and my mare is 9).  I bought the mare as a four-year-old. They’ve never been apart. I show jump …

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Question: Horse Keeps Putting His Head on My Back or Shoulder. Is this Proper Behavior?

Q: Hi Al, Good morning, I have a question that I’m hoping you can answer for me. I have recently started riding a friends horse (after not riding for almost 10 years). It is a 6yr old gelding (Section D Welsh Cob). I rode him for the second time yesterday, …

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Why Cross-tie Young Horse 24/7?

Q: Hi Al, I know quite a bit about horses but not training young ones. Twice I have seen people cross-tie a young horse under a year old and just leave it tied 24 / 7. One of them (for sure) was a colt, the other I don’t know. What …

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Buying My First Horse – What Should I Know?

Q: I am considering buying a colt AQHA. I have never own a horse for myself personally. I would like to know what I would be getting myself into managing and making sure he stays happy and safe, just so I know what is ahead. Since he will be our …

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How is this Horse’s Conformation?

Q: How is this horse’s conformation? Breed: Mustang Age: 8 YO Want to use for trail riding Looking for feedback on the horse. Please feel free to give us your input. We’d love to know your thoughts -Michele     A: Hi Michele, This is a nice looking mustang, stocky …

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Best Supportive Hoof Boot for Hoof Issues?

Q: My question is involving one of the horses the owners at the place I have my gelding is boarded at currently. The horse in question, is a 3 year old mare, who was fed some ‘hot’ alfalfa hay. Because both of the mares are ‘pasture ponies’, the 3 year …

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Which is the better horse; mare or stallion?

Q: Which is better? A male or a female horse? -Micole   A: Hi Micole, Thank you for your question. As I understand, you are asking which makes a better horse, in general, a mare or a stallion. Mares can be wonderful to ride in many cases. There are instances …

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My Horse Grinds His Teeth

Q: I understand you do dressage but I’m hoping you may be able to help. I recently got a horse from the stable I had been working at and getting lessons on for about one year. Lately I’ve noticed, particularly when he hasn’t been worked in a while, that he …

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How to Stop Barging Through Shoulder?

Q: I would like to give a little background so that my question will be as clear as possible: I own a 13 year old Cob X Frisian gelding (15.2hh) ride & drive called Roger. I have had him since he was a youngster & trained him myself in all …

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I Need Help Trying to Connect with My QH!

Q: Hello, I have a two year old QH that I’ve had since he was weaned from his mom at 6mo old. And since day 1 he has been shy and unapproachable. He only lets me pet or brush his rear if he is in a small confined area (so …

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How to/Should I – Lay Down My 19 Year Old AQH?

Q: I was wondering if you could help me to figure out the best way or if i should just not do it, but the best way to lay down my AQH. She is 19 years-old, but she does her very best to please me whenever she can. I was …

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What Can I Do to Help Ease His Anxiety?

Q: My gelding is 6 years old and has been ridden since he was 4. He is very good when I ride at home, but as soon as I haul him somewhere else he becomes very anxious and flighty. Although, he has never gotten to a point were he is …

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