Arenus Blog Offers Guidance and Helpful Hints for Horse Owners

A newly formulated website brings opportunity for Arenus to talk directly to the horse community they help daily.


ArenusFort Collins, Colorado, June 20, 2016 – With the launch of their new website, Arenus, the leader in equine health, has spring boarded their company blog. Differentiating themselves from other run-of-the-mill corporate blogs, Arenus will target relevant topics that affect the decisions horse owners make every day.

Focusing on the industry as a whole, the blog will present weekly publications detailing industry trends, research and ingredient breakdowns, testimonials, case studies, interviews and much more. In an effort to simplify the complicated nature of the equine supplement and product industry, Arenus’ blog will work to translate these topics into a usable format and weed out unnecessary information.

“The goal is for this blog to become a go-to guide for animal owners everywhere, not just Arenus customers,” says Marketing Director, Miriam Altman. “We are aiming to break down popular topics, help owners and trainers in their daily decision making and offer a place where solutions are found.”

Still in its infancy, Arenus’ blog currently has 10, informative posts, many of which have garnered notable buzz throughout social media. Keeping with the company objective of serving the singularly pure purpose of supporting better and more complete health and wellness through science, Arenus hopes this new outlet will further their goal of becoming a resource to all animal owners, not just their current clientele.

“It’s evolving into something more than what we had originally hoped for. The public is showing us there’s a need for this type of information and we’re here to answer the call,” Altman says.

You can follow Arenus’ blog at: www.arenus.com/blog


The Arenus Story

The happiness of our animals depends on our care.  Few feelings are worse than not being able to help a living creature that gives so much, and expects so little.  Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, and supported by a team of animal health specialists, Arenus’ products deliver more than what you think your animal could be receiving: Arenus provides what your animal needs whether healthy or ill.  This is because Arenus is centered on supporting complete animal healthcare solutions, with deep passion and exact science.  With Arenus, your animal receives the finest, consistent, non-pharmaceutical solutions – elevating the level of support you can provide for your animal’s health.  For more information on Arenus, visit www.arenus.com.

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