ABHA Hosts Excursion at Zion National Park

ABHA Hosts Excursion at Zion National Park

Club Members Enjoy a Stunning Trail Riding Experience


August 2014

Photo courtesy ABHA

Zion National Park in southwestern Utah contains some of the country’s most unique topographic landscapes. The stunning expanses of red Navajo sandstone, the panoramic views of unforgettable canyon landscapes and the unique array of plant and animal life make Zion a national treasure and a popular destination for outdoorsmen. One of the best ways to see it is on horseback.

In June, 21 members of the ABHA headed for southern Utah to experience Zion from the saddle of a Blazer Horse and the experience left a lasting impression. Members came from Idaho, Utah, Montana and Minnesota to participate in the ride which was a great opportunity for the club to reach out across geographic borders. The choice of Utah as a destination was an important one, as Blazer ownership is growing rapidly across that state.

ABHA board member Josh Cram and his wife live at Veyo, Utah near St. George. An outdoor enthusiast, Cram helped organize the event and led his fellow Blazer riders through country he knows well. All of the riders appreciated the benefit of a local tour guide who was familiar with the trails as well as the history and culture of the area. In addition to the national park, riders also spent time at Snow Canyon State Park and enjoyed an entire day riding through the Pine Valley Mountains west of Zion. For more information on the club visit


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