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A Listening Life – The Best of an Equestrian Lifestyle

A Listening Life – The Best of an Equestrian Lifestyle
Catherine Madera

by Catherine Madera


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I read once that “writing is listening.” In life, writers are always listening for what’s under the surface: deep truths, sorrow and joy unexpressed. These precious things are captured and used for inspiration.  I believe that true equine lifestyle is not about the kind of horse you ride, boots you wear, or discipline you pursue. It is also about listening. As in life one can decide to live on the surface and ignore deeper truth, often the one reflected in the eyes of your horse. Horses are an effective mirror; it is a conscious choice to listen to a silent partner and use what you discover to become a better person.

Not long ago I had a role in producing the book, The Listening Heart, by licensed therapist Leigh Shambo (humanequinealliance.org). In it she details the professional use of horses in equine facilitated therapies. Not surprisingly, science and experience have proven that horses inspire, change, and help heal us in profound ways. The ultimate benefits of an equine lifestyle.

This time of year there’s nothing glamorous about caring for horses. Mud, cold and dirt don’t offer up much in the way of inspiration. However, even now, the listening life I have ready access to in my barn and atop my horse is a dependable cure for depression, selfishness and a critical spirit. Truly, if you are lucky enough to have a horse, you are lucky enough. Enjoy the magazine this month. Don’t miss meeting George Ehmer on page 20. Not your average cowboy, George proves it is never too late to pursue a dream with horses. As always, email me at editor@nwhorsesource.com.

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Published February 2014 Issue

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Editor's Postcard
Catherine Madera

Catherine Madera attended Walla Walla University in Eastern Washington where she majored in communications/journalism. After winning a national competition for Guideposts Magazine in 2004, Catherine concentrated on non-fiction inspirational stories. Since then, she has published numerous personal and ghosted stories for Guideposts and their affiliate publications. Catherine has published in many regional and national magazines/newspapers and her work is included in several anthologies. She specializes in equine-related topics and profiles and serves as editor of The Northwest Horse Source. In 2010 Catherine’s non-fiction story, A Hero’s Work, received the Merial Human-Animal Bond award given by American Horse Publications. She has also authored three works of fiction and provides editing/writing assistance through Word Horse Writing Services.

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